Why most military personnel don’t keep beards

One noticeable feature with most military men from various countries is that you would find it hard for a soldier to have facial hair and beards. Although some military men still grow beards and facial hair and are still in the military while the majority just keep hair off their face

There are reasons while most military men don’t keep hair and facial beards and why some keep their beards and hair, This is due to the MILITARY REGULATION imposed on the military dress codes.

A soldier that serves under the military of any country is expected to be smart, kept and clean at all times, This includes the facial look and sometimes having beards could be a distraction for the military personnel either he is under the Navy, Army Or Air force. The reasons why most military men are mandated to keep off beards and facial hair is to maintain


As military personnel, A high level of discipline is required, which included the appearance of the particular individual. Keep off facial hair and beards show a wave of discipline and maintained the appearance of personnel

2)Gas masks:

There are some situations that gas can be used on the battlefield and the soldiers would need to make use of their gas masks to protect them from inhaling it, therefore, Beards can stand in the way of using the masks, that’s why it’s important for most individuals to keep their face clean of excessive beard and hair

But these rules have been relaxed by the Reformed Military Regulations that allows only

1)Soldiers to keep their beards and facial hair due to their religion, such as Sikhs but on the condition that the beard is going to be kept extremely low

2)Special Forces operatives that it relates to cultural norms can also keep their beards to show their maturity, it has also been adopted by the United States

3)Soldiers having beards before joining the army can request to keep the beards or facial hair but at the lowest level possible.

That’s why you can spots military men working under various commands around the world keep their hair, but no hair shall touch the ears or fall below the top of the eyebrows. It shall be kept above the shirt collar.

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