When Did Nengi Turn To A Fashionista? “- Nigerian Man Laments As He Questions Nengi’s Sudden Wealth

Nengi has some great achievements in these past few months and she is however turning into a big model in the Nigerian entrainment industry, as she usually receives a lot of endorsement deals from beauty cream companies and fashion outfit companies.

But although this beautiful queen is soaring higher in fame and wealth, it has however coming to my notice that most people usually question Nengi’ s sudden wealth.

As most people are of the opinion that she is either sleeping around with politicians or making money from secret sugar daddies.

And going through tiktok this morning, I was however surprised when I a came across a video in which the guy was trying to find out how Nengi suddenly turned into a Fashionista.

According to the tiktok user, he however lamented and made it known to people that there is no such career which goes by the name of a fashionista. As he also made it clear that Nengi does not deserve to be in the Guinness awards.

His video is however stirring up different reactions on social media, as most people have come out to lambaste the tiktok user.

But honestly speaking, I might not be surprised that most people are throwing questions to Nengi from different angles, and I have never heard of any career that goes by the name of a fashionista.

And even if there was a career like that, I don’ t really think Nengi would fit into such position, because she has barely attended some big fashion shows. Unlike some other celebrities who always attend varieties of fashion shows.


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