Using toning products containing mercury and hydroquinone on the skin can lead to damage and burns.

Everyone wants a nice toned skin.

We face so many challenges when it comes to skin treatment, we find a lot of products out there and it is difficult to tell which is good enough for a particular skin type.

One thing to always look out for in skin care products are the raw materials or ingredients used in making these products. Some of these raw materials are not even suitable for some skin types.

Others are extremely harsh on the skin. Mercury and Hydroquinone are very harsh substances. These days you find them as raw materials in skin products.

Both chemicals are toxic and are capable of damaging the skin , it leads to skin burn too. Hydroquinone was originally used in photo processing and hair dyes.

While mercury is a carcinogen that should not be found in any beauty product. These two chemicals are extremely toxic and can damage the skin .

There are natural toning agents to use on the skin, tumeric is one of them. Tumeric is a toning agent, it can also be used to treat acne and other skin infections.

Cucumber is also a toning agent. It rejuvenates the skin and also prevents it from early wrinkles.

Water is also vey essential in skin treatments. Staying hydrated always enables the skin to get rid of dead cell and blocked pores which leads to pimples and black heads.

Try avoiding using harsh chemical toning products on the skin, use more of organic and natural.

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