Two lovers commit suicide for parents to refuse their marriage over Osu caste

Two lovers have allegedly died after they took sniper to commit suicide for their parents to refuse their marriage due to Osu and Ohu caste at Okija in Ihiala local government area of Anambra state.

In a written note left by the lovers they vowed not to be alive and not marriage after they had been together for over six years.

The written note, read below: “Racism in disguise…How can we separate after 6 solid years of dating and getting so use to each other? how???
Is it a crime to be held from Okija Anambra state? We both are from Okija in Ihiala local Government Area, Anambra State, Nigeria.

“We have always wanted to spend the rest of lives together, we’ve always planned our future together. We have always struggled to secure a better future, now that things are gradually turning around for us, they’re saying we can’t get married, all because of Osu and Ohu Caste, all because of an ancient belief that has been abolished in other villages.

“The people of Okija chose to live in the past, all as a result of ignorance. God created everyone equally so why would human beings discriminate just because of the ignorance of our forefathers? Why will we keep sufferering for what we know nothing about, for something we didn’t do??? Why do we still chose to stay in the dark?

“This is racism in disguise, yet we want to be treated equally in the white man’s land, charity they say begins at home. We made up our minds to end it all because we can’t stay without each other. Ndi Okija, say No to Osu Caste” the noted stated.

The death of the two lover has continued to generate reactions in social media and other platforms as many condemned the action of their parents whom they said contributed to their deaths.

Some of the messages read: “Should we keep loosing our youths? Why can’t other communities emulate the good people of Abba, Nri in Anambra state, Nsukka in Enugu State and so many other communities that have abolished Osu Caste. People should be allowed to marry the love of their lives”.

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