Technology advancement: Nigerian man buys car without engine

Just recently on Facebook, a man identified as Ayo Ojeniyi shared a video of a Yoruba man admiring his new Telsa electric car during his user review.

The Nigerian man in a clip, spoke in his native language as he gave a tour of the vehicle, telling people he wanted them to know the car is real.

As he opened the back of the car, the man showed that there is enough space for luggage. He further opened the front of the vehicle where engines are normally placed.
When he opened it, it was empty to serve for more storage.

Furthermore, in the clip, a woman spoke in astonishment. They both agreed that there has been a huge advancement in the Western technology.

The man who owns the car stated that the automobile’s batteries are placed underneath.

A Quota thread explains with pictures where the engine of the Tesla is located.

Here are some reactions from internet users below:                                                               It’z Incomparable Larry said: “Assuming i buy this car now if it has fault who will repair it for me in Nigeria.”                                  Ayinde Toheeb Ifeoluwa: “So how much would this be and who will repair this.”

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