See how soldiers torture boys under the sun.

An anonymous female soldier sent a video to pulse news agency, the content of the video showed how some soldiers were flogging two young boys and torturing them under the scorching sun.

She revealed that the video was taken this year, she also disclosed that she is a serving soldier who found out the awful things some her colleagues did and it was heartbreaking to her.

In the video the boys were made to stand on their heads under the sizzling sun, they were each given a heavy stone to hold on their hands which the place behind their backs as they stood on their head. They were whipped while carrying out the punishment.

According to pulse the source affirmed that these boys were neither hoodlums or terrorists, they are just simple young boys in the neighbourhood, the source stated,“These were just innocent boys from the neighborhood being whipped into line”.

However pulse disclosed that the, Director, Army Public Relations Col Sigar Musa was not available straightaway for comments on the story.

Day in day out women and men are brutalized and treated poorly by soldiers or even police officials whose duty is to protect them in the first place.

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