Rita Dominic gets back at the public concerning her romantic and relationship life

Speaking on the issue of relationships and marriage, a popular Nigerian beautiful actress, Rita Dominic, who is from Mbaise Imo State declared amid this week’s episode #WithChude that: “I respect the institution of marriage as my parents were married until death literally parted them and they had a beautiful relationship. The problem is at some point, it begins to annoy you because of how much importance people have placed on it.

She further said: “I do want to marry, and I want to get it right once and for all. You know, we make such a big deal of it; we force people and put pressure on them to go in. When they eventually rush into this union, they make mistakes because they were only trying to please people.”

It has been a tradition and a simple strategy for Rita Dominic, to simply ignore the comments from the negativity of the public as regards her marital status and romantic relationships.

She said: “Over the years, it has stopped irritating me because people will always speculate. They do this because they don’t have anything tangible, so they create stories and rumours. I am at a place where I just laugh at their rumours. Being popular, you have to come to terms with the fact that people will create untrue stories. Some people will argue and say there is no smoke without fire, and to those ones, I say, darling, there are smoke machines”.

However, recently the stunningly pretty actress broke the internet with images of her never-before-seen partner, known as Fidelis Anosike.

Rita talked on the reason for the unveiling of her partner, “Once in a while, you want to share certain things with people, and I felt like my lover had been there for me for decades. We all had a bad year last year with COVID, and we could do with some happiness.”

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