Meet Twins Who Bought Bitcoin When it was less than $10

Several individuals have become wealthy as a result of the digital asset economy. The most prominent, Bitcoin, which was worth a little more than $100 as of October 2013, is now valued at $60,000!

While most people were wise to invest in Bitcoin early on, only very few had the courage to go all-in. Today, we’ll have a look at two identical twins who made the bold decision to invest heavily in cryptocurrencies. Since 2012, the twins have been trading in Bitcoin.

They are now among the Forbes Billionaires List’s entrants who have achieved billionaire status as a result of their Bitcoin investments.

Recent statistics confirm that, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have an individual net worth of $3 billion each. They began investing in Bitcoin in 2012, when the blockchain was only selling for $8, and spent a whopping $10 million on the asset, making them one of the largest and earliest cryptocurrency investors.

Their risk paid off, and they are now worth a combined $6 billion.

However, the Winklevoss twins are not slowing down; instead, they are increasing their blockchain investments. According to reports, they also made a $3 billion investment in Block-Fi, a Bitcoin lending start-up.

In Silicon Valley, the Winklevoss twins are well-known. They were Harvard classmates of Mark Zuckerberg’s and once accused the tech mogul of stealing their concept for Facebook.

After a protracted court dispute, the twins received substantial cash and Facebook equity payments from Zuckerberg. Most of their monetary compensation was put into bitcoin, and it has proven to be profitable.

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