Innoson Motors set to commence ride hailing services in Nigeria, advertises posts for drivers

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM), has revealed plans to commence ride hailing services in Enugu State, Nigeria from October, 2020.

Innoson named their ride hailing service set to launch in Enugu, IVM Connect.

IVM Connect will join Uber, Bolt, Oma and RideOn as one of the ride-hailing service providers in Enugu.

According to IVM’s Head of Corporate Communications, Cornel Osigwe, 200 IVM vehicles from its Nnewi manufacturing plant in Anambra state are ready to be rolled out when IVM Connect launches in early October.

Innoson Vehicles also revealed plans to expand to other states in Eastern Nigeria including Owerri by adding 4,800 vehicles to its existing fleet within one year of launching IVM Connect.

The company has advertised vacancies for interested drivers to apply in preparation for its IVM Connect launch which application closes on 9th September, 2020.

Like Uber and Bolt, IVM Connect will operate through a ride-hailing app, IVMCruise which is being developed by the company.

IVM plans to employ a hire purchase model where drivers have to pay for the vehicle they are given within two years. Unlike IVM Connect, Uber and Bolt do not give their driver-partners vehicles as drivers are required to bring their own vehicles.

This means IVM will lease its branded vehicles to drivers who will offer e-hailing services in Enugu through its IVMCruise app.

IVM Connect drivers will have to make electronic payments for the vehicle in instalments within the stipulated 2-year period. Upon completing the payment, vehicle ownership will be transferred to the drivers.

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