Igbo group charge Southeast governors to support youths’ farmers


A Socio-Political Organization Ndigbo Unity Forum (NUF) has called on South East Governors to provide improved seedings tractors , fertilizer and increase money allocated to Agriculture to 70 percent to encourage youths to go into farming.

The group also urged the governor’s to encourage the youths to embark farming through creation of platform that would make loans and grants to be easily accessible.

The President of NUF Mr. Augustine Chukwudum in a statement urged the Southeast governors to formulate policies that would utilizes the ponetial of Agriculture in the region, through investing in the sector in order to make it a goldmine worthy for the youths.

“We wishes to alert the people of the south east on the danger of neglecting Agriculture which was our economic base in the early 60s, it will be recalled that south east generated so much money from Agriculture that was used to developed old Eastern Region then.

“But today it is shameful that the Governors of South East are not doing anything for the past 21 since the inception of this fourth Republic in May 1999 to September 2020, despite fact that we are blessed with arable land that can produce food in commercial quantity. Our governors abandon the sector that can generate over Ten Billion Dollars yearly and create more than seven million jobs if well harnessed.

“The South East governors from 1999 to date, are all visionless and does not think of the future of the Region that is why South East are very much backward, the most shameful part of it is that the governors trallved to Europe, America and Asia and see how mechanized Agriculture changed the fortune of the countries but failed to bring such to the region.

“That is why we are alerting the people to checkmate the governors. NUF after a brainstorming session wish to call on South East governors to take a holistic approach towards solving of the socio-economic problems experienced in the South East” Chukwudum stated.


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