Huawei Sound Pro Smart Speaker Rumoured to Hit the Market Soon

Huawei is set to release a new audio system built in collaboration with DEVIALET, according to GizChina. Huawei was rumored to be working on a Pro version of the Sound speaker series at the end of last year. But there’s every reason to believe we’re talking about the Huawei Sound Pro smart speaker right now.

Down the Memory lane

At the MatePad conference at the end of 2019, Huawei unveiled its first flagship smart speaker, the Sound X, which costs 1999 yuan ($308). Huawei and DEVIALET collaborated on the Huawei Sound X smart speaker. It has a cylindrical shape, and the architecture theme was based on the Vienna Concert Hall’s dome.

Furthermore, the Huawei Sound X body’s dual woofer was made of high-magnetic neodymium iron boron, a rare earth metal. DEVIALET’s proprietary Push-Push symmetrical acoustic architecture and SAM bass amplification technology were also included. With its two double woofers, it could achieve the bursting bass effect. The Huawei Sound X was also the first smart speaker to be certified as Hi-Res, allowing for 360-degree surround sound and smart spatial vision.

Next, was the Huawei Sound. Huawei and DEVIALET released the new model on October 22, 2020, for 999 yuan ($154). The DEVIALET four-speaker acoustic arrangement was used in the HUAWEI Sound speaker. It included a 4-inch woofer as well as three full-range speaker units. To produce a 360-degree surround sound effect, they were combined with a two Push-Push symmetrical passive systems. The Huawei Sound looks almost identical to the Huawei Sound X in terms of design. It is, though, more compact and elegant.

So, what makes the Huawei Sound Pro truly impressive? Hopefully, a better sound quality and smarter features. The presence of the app has already been verified by a Chinese leakster; however, he did not mention any of the product’s functionality. He didn’t say if it’ll be called the Huawei Sound Pro or the Huawei Sound X2.

For the time being, the Pro addition to the name is a mere assumption .

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