How to manage a mother in-law if she is too interfering

In the management of in-laws, a lot of wives have one problem or the other with their mothers-in-law and may feel unsupported by their partners over the issue. The bond between mother and son can be very strong, and a man can feel torn between the one he loves as a partner, and the one he loves as a parent.

Some cases becomes a bit complicated when there’s a new baby on the way, because you dread your mother-in-law taking total control. You obviously don’t want your child to be born into such a stressful situation, but would it be fair on your husband and your child if you run out of the marriage?

Getting u pregnant and ready to be a father may mean your husband feels more bound to you and starts to loosen the ties with his mum. Subtly, she may come to realize that her son’s loyalty is shifting.

However, you need to tell your husband how you feel. I bet he doesn’t realise how at risk your marriage is. Once he does, he would want to support you more.

You need to involve your mother-in-law from time to time, though.

You could agree for her to visit once or twice a week and, when she does, make her welcome and let her really enjoy time with her grand children.

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