Hackers Leak KuCoin Crypto Wallets Valued at $150 million

Johnny Lyu, KuCoin Global CEO, announced yesterday in a statement about a confirmed hack recently. The report stated in specifics that after private keys connected to crypto wallets were leaked it may have affected the over $150 million in customer funds.

According to Nairametrics reports, Johnny had added that the results of the internal security audit report showed that part of Bitcoin, ERC-20, and other tokens in the hot wallets of KuCoin were moved from the crypto exchange, representing a few pieces of the overall holdings of properties.








“The assets in the cold wallets are safe and unharmed, and the hot wallets have been re-deployed,” he said.

Confirming the reports, an On-chain data/chart supplier for investors, Cryptoquant, has a shred of solid evidence suggesting that the crypto exchange might truly have been attacked.

Speaking further on the hack, Chief Technical Officer at Bitfinex and Tether, Paolo Ardoino, claimed that both Bitfinex and USDTether froze a total of $33 million.

He added that, if $150 million was stolen as a result of the hack, then 22% of their total asset were lost.


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