Gokada launches New Super App, Creates New Job Opportunities Across Nigeria

A last-mile delivery, logistics, and transportation start-up based in Nigeria, Gokada, has launched a ‘Super App’ that allows customers to access food delivery, e-commerce, and ride-hailing services all in one app.

The launch of the Super App comes as Gokada surpasses $100 million in annualized transaction value, having completed over 1 million food delivery and e-commerce orders on behalf of over 30,000 merchants in the last year alone.

According to reports, Gokada’s volume has increased more than threefold in the last six months, indicating that the company’s growth is accelerating. With increasing internet penetration and the ease of mobile payments, Nigeria’s e-commerce sector is set to grow, and last-mile delivery is set to accelerate this growth even further.

Gokada intends to serve this market by expanding from its current base in Lagos to multiple cities throughout Nigeria, including Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, and Ogun. Gokada intends to use its recently obtained NIPOST license to provide cross-country courier and logistics services as it expands across the country.

In addition to the launch of the Gokada Super App and its multi-city expansion plans, Gokada has recently appointed Dika Oho as VP Product, who was previously Director of Developer Growth at Andela and will now lead Gokada’s product development.

The addition of thousands of new G-pilots, the largest last-mile delivery fleet size in Lagos, will result in the creation of new jobs as a result of Gokada’s expansion.


As the company expands its service offering by providing a dependable and seamless same-day delivery service to thousands of additional businesses across Nigeria, the Gokada Super App, available on Android and iOS, has been developed so customers can have enhanced discovery of key services and products, easily access all Gokada pilots at the touch of a button, rate the service instantly, and choose singly.


Thousands of businesses that rely on the Gokada Super App to fulfill deliveries will have access to thousands of pilots, will be able to create easy order management, will be able to use API integration to create and cancel orders, estimate delivery charges, and receive status updates directly from their mobile device, and will be able to choose route optimization to reduce delivery costs.


Gokada currently collaborates with Eden, Krispy Kreme, and Sooyah Bistro, and will continue to expand its technology and G-pilot infrastructure to support Nigeria’s expanding business community.

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