Crypto market records a new milestone as it breaks past US$1 trillion for the first time in history

For the first time ever, in the deep bullish and unpredictable surge in Bitcoin and other leading Crypto-assets like Ethereum, the overall market cap of the crypto market just burst past $1 trillion.

After gaining five times in market cap since 2020, the Crypto market reached a lifetime record, according to data from, Coingecko.

Among the reasons for such record gains, Crypto experts have pointed to the tremendous demand seen from crypto traders, trend-following hedge funds, and recently strong institutional investors.

As the globe is filled with record stimulus deals introduced by global central banks, using those schemes to help the global economy, crypto assets travel in stealth mode.

Furthermore, in the crypto industry, this amazing accomplishment shows that foreign funds and traders prefer digital coins and hedge against inflation-prone assets such as currencies.

As it broke past $37,000, Bitcoin is up 10 percent for the day and has more than quadrupled since 2020. It accounts for about 68% of the market valuation of cryptocurrencies, followed by about 14% for Ether. In 2021 alone, Ether was up by around 65 percent.

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