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Bitcoin Scammer Steals 1,400 BTCs Worth $US16 million

In recent months, several Bitcoin investors have been defrauded of their hard-earned crypto coins across the globe. Crypto fraudsters have devised new techniques to defraud their targets in systems based on BTC traded via encrypted ledgers such as the blockchain.

Apparently, the latest trend spikes in the crypto world is behind the sudden motive to rob crypto traders, investors, and larger establishments of their crypto assets.







Earlier today, an advanced crypto analytic tracker, Whale Alert, reported a cyber scam of a whopping US$16 million.

The information was shared on their official Twitter handle.

According to the report, the transaction was carried out during the weekend, but the Scam Alert Bot was unable to report it as a result of its high value.

“We are working on a fix. We have decided to post it now because of the importance of this transaction,” they added.

However, moving on, a better method of keeping your crypto safe is the use of propriety smartphone or cold wallets. These tools are specifically designed to keep crypto safe from malware scams and internet hackers.


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  1. Hi! I would like to ask if this company is really legit in cryptocurrency mining?

    • Aya, you would need to be more specific, though if you were talking about Whales Alert like I thought, It has nothing to do with mining.
      Whales Alert is just an advanced crypto analytic tracker. All it does is monitor transactions between crypto investors and traders.

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