Apple Car Launch Date could be in 2028 or later

Following reports from Reuters on a development probably beginning in 2024, the rumors about Apple producing its own EV (Electric Vehicle) recently shot back onto the scene.

Sources also said Apple has recorded a monocell battery breakthrough and more.





According to reports, Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, reliably commented on a special note with respect to the Apple Car. He says the market is “too bullish about Apple Car” and that 2025 may be the earliest we could see the launch of the vehicle. A more realistically feasible date may be in the year 2028 or later.

Furthermore, Kuo cites three key Apple Car issues: uncertainty about the timing of the launch, uncertainty about the specifications of the supplier and vehicle, and uncertainty about the competitiveness of Apple in the EV and self-driving car industry.

Kuo’s note highlights that he previously projected that Apple Car would have launched in 2023-2025, but that his new analysis shows that it was infeasible. The latest survey conducted by Kuo shows that a launch could take place between 2025-2027 even if development gets underway this year and all goes well. Nevertheless, Kuo “would not be surprised” if Apple Car did not arrive until “2028 or later,” based on Apple’s expectations and the rapid-moving developments in the EV and self-driving car industry.

Additionally, the reports from Reuters indicated that Apple Car delays “could push the start of production into or beyond 2025.” Morgan Stanley analysts, however, published a study last week supporting a potential start of production at around the four-year mark suggested by Reuters sources.

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