5 Simple Ways To Make A Man Miss You

5 Simple Ways To Make A Man Miss You

Romantic relationships are of different types. A committed, long-lasting romantic relationship that last a whole lifetime, has a lot to do with connection, trust, and a full dose of commitment.Deep-rooted lovers are regularly closest companions who have enjoyed doing life  next to each other.

What factors create the ideal setting to make you miss being together?

1. Be the kind of woman that is worth missing

It would be difficult to make him miss you if he does not genuinely enjoy spending time or being around you. Men aren’t that complicated like most women believe. Attributes like attention, respect, peace, beauty, and companionship are what men, not some but all men, really truly love.If  you’re super jealous, excessively possessive, unkind, and a bit temperamental, you’d need to seriously work on that.

2. When you’re together, make him feel super special

Treat him like he’s the only man in the entire universe – the only man you see and would forever be interested in. Whenever you set your eyes on him, be super excited. Show that you’re happy by genuinely smiling or laughing or whatever it is you do when you’re happy.No man born of a woman would dislike this kind of treatment, on the contrary, he’d feel super special. Remember men aren’t moved by words but by actions. Treat him like royalty, give him your complete undivided attention. Whatever he’s saying, be interested.

3. When you’re not together, let him do the chasing

Men are hunters by nature, and they love the adventures.But this is how a man is built – passion for the chase, the hunt, and the pursuit, because in the end there is a trophy, that they’d do almost anything to win. Allow nature to take its course. If he sees you as valuable and worth the pursuit, allow him. Please, try not to play the hard to get game with him. You wouldn’t want to discourage his chase especially if he’s someone you like. If you need a man to miss you, he needs to think about you on his own, don’t generally come rushing to him! Let him come to you.

4. Be different, don’t be like every other girl

Try not to be like those different girls, or you’ll simply conform. You need to be different – you need to stick out.When he talks, listen carefully to the things he says, be observant, what are the things you’ve noticed about him? What are his preferences? You’d have to do things your way to be different from the other girls. If girls chase him, you shouldn’t. If they indulge him in taking them out and paying the bills, insist on paying if he takes you out on a date as well. Did they depend on him for something? Be the independent and self-sustaining girl. Good food is a way to a man’s heart. Cook him something nice sometimes but don’t overdo it, you aren’t his wife yet, so it wouldn’t be wise to give him wife benefits.

5. Give him space, try not to make him miss you

Don’t look desperate! Nothing says this more than falling over yourself to attract a man’s attention.  Most importantly, recognise that you’re significant and you’re worth a great deal a lot to crawl for attention. Avoid calling and messaging him on a regular basis, instead of doing all of this, give him a full dose of space and a healthy amount of his alone time, he needs it. Please avoid trying to make him feel guilty for having his alone time without you. His alone time is a healthy part of the relationship you have with him.

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